About Sara Seafood ?

we started as little fresh fish shop in downtown Amman 1990 ,the founder (Moh'd Nazeer) Abu Ghazaleh ,rented  that  small  4m*4m  shop and shipped fresh fish from Saudi Arabia and Yemen …started deep frying and broiling  fish and started a new craft in this little town .

During the nineties that little shop earned a nice reputation ….and a lot of Ammanies   ran to that little place when they craved a simple homemade fish meal in a cold gloomy winter day or during a happy summer night.

As every little thing in this town we have grown day by day with the simplest additions, keeping it a small cozy family business, majoring in dentistry or engineering never detached us from our little diner.

Every day we have a bold addition to be planned and executed , we are never  perfect  nor we'll be someday, feedback from our customers are always worthy and more than welcomed , our main objectives are a happy ,satisfied ,full customer ,and for our neighborhood ((down town)) to be perceived as a market for the perfect home style simple real food , not a market  for cheap food .

Downtown of Amman gave a lot to this city, it still hold the main characteristics, wrinkles, and the gray of this city, we depend on this scent to perfect  the unforgettable experience for you , and this neighborhood  depends on us to keep the nice reputation of its simplicity , genuinity , and  food traditions .

It is too easy for first timers, look at the chilled seafood, and choose anything you feel like, choose the cooking method, and go set to your table, indulge yourself with our appetizers, ranging from a simple traditional hummus to exotic smoked salmon mustard rolls ,enjoy your main course ,feel  satisfied ,become a regular, change your order every time to ensure you aren't missing a thing .


Waiting your visit ……….